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» Actor, Artist, Entrepreneur, Blogger

While I’ve been a graphic artist/web developer for many years as my core expertise, I’ve embarked on an journey in acting in my recent years. It’s fun, unpredictably exciting and incredibly challenging.

Blog-AboutI BLOG:

» About Mental/Physical Fitness, Movies, Food & Wine, Acting

My blog is about The Pursuit of Peak Performance in all aspects of life; Fitness, Business, The Arts, Food & Wine, Personal Growth. Since I’ve been a consistent gym-goer for many years I get tons of questions about fitness and diet. I get hired frequently for branding, graphic design and web development. The frequency of my acting gigs has been and will continue to increase.

These days I’m really passionate about film and acting for it’s ability to inspire and take the mind to another place. I’m also a pretty wicked cook and wine connoisseur so I’ll post recipes and wine reviews time to time.

Heart-IconI LOVE:

» My Family, My Children, My True Friends

I’m blessed to have been born into the most amazing family in our Solar System and two wonderful (grown) children who I love more than anything. I’m also fortunate enough to have made some truly genuine friends. IN MEMORY OF: This blog is also dedicated to the best friend I could ever ask for, Marc, who left us too soon R.I.P. I still have all the memories brother.

Thumbs-UpI’M GOOD AT:

» Creative Expression, Setting Goals, Perseverance, Omelets

Quite a few things actually. From a hiring perspective if you’re interested in retaining me for professional services here is my skill set at-a-glance.



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